Saturday, 24 March 2012

Failline: Day 64 Im pathetic

Im fucking pathetic been on and off on my Deathline and haven't posted anything in ages.
in my defense i have had lot of Uni work hand-ins and doc's it write up so no time to work exclusively on what i want :(

so here is a collection of Studies and poops ive done whenever i could
only 5 more days of this unproductive hell!

More Matte Surface rendering
need more practice with mapping cast shadows im struggling on that now.

on the bright side i understand HWTB much better and i can directly paint values and don't need to rely on tricks like Layer blending modes  *cough* Multiply *cough* :P

now the next part is on work on rounded and complex forms understand cast shadows and move this understanding into color .....shit!

20 min study of a mouse i did during class, totally wasn't paying attention :P 


10min Poopy environment

Grey Scale Figure Study about 25mis-tops


15min study before life drawing need tonnes more work on my observational skills 

25min Studies of Wes Burts Sketches without Zooming in on the canvas (DIFFICULT AS HELL!)

UBER loose Stuff done in 8-10mins exploring color 

a nod to the awesome daniel chaves

ill post school work soon, some of it i like alot of it i hate....alot 

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